Anybody from small organizations to big corporations can benefit from our in-depth and developed techniques that help to insure success in any project, brand, identity, design ,rebranding or redesign. The methods we use to formulate and devise the perfect direction or plan of action to execute across all media platforms print digital and otherwise.


 We developed this process through years of dealing with all the key issues and pain points that go into almost every project. Narrowing down and focusing on what matters most. Success of execution of project.


 And we feel by utilizing our Journey of Discovery you will be well prepared for deciding on the parameters of strategy and implementing a plan for action. Flowing into the Design phase that by this point should be more like constructing with building blocks or finishing a puzzle that already has the border done, and less like the whirlwind of samples drafts and revisions that ultimately lead to loss of identity or voice and become completely unidentifiable or unrecognizable to the project, brand, identity or design you are trying to create.







Why do we do this?

We know how costly both time and money can go into brand and identity development

And we would like to offer usable solutions that allow you to take full advantage of the end result without having to readily fund such a huge undertaking. This is also why this type of venture is generally taken on by larger companies and corporations.

Each project we take on has the terms and conditions tailored to every aspect of the project

Therefore we cannot provide static pricing for our services.

What we do offer is a way to invest in your brand identity development allowing you to pay over time. Even for ownership (upon being paid in full all usage and rights will be granted to you.)

And all of the files you purchased as part of your agreement will be delivered via email, usb drive or both depending what was agreed upon.

But even if you want to take advantage of our umbrella coverage Brand development is a costly venture and should be given a budget, timeline, and expectations for execution. All of which we are here to help with. Let us schedule a full discovery session or sessions to lay a foundation for strategy building so that when we start to design create and craft We are moving forward with progressive momentum and not wasting time and money with costly drafts and revisions.

Because in the strategy phase we refined our vision voice and pallet into usable tools that have specific functions. During strategy there will be guidelines, rules, parameters, and options. It is a good idea at this point to “put in stone” as they say and create a brand identity usage guide. It will act as a powerful and useful reference to maintain brand identity cohesion and insure no rules or guidelines have been violated.

- Consultation

- Discovery

- Style Sheets

- Strategies

- Typography

- Iconography

- Messaging

- Copy

- Logos

- Word marks

- Taglines

- Color Pallets

- Voice

- Direction

- Character

- Personality

- Vision


F  O  R       A  L  L       F  A  C  E  B  O  O  K       G  R  O  U  P       P  A  G  E       M  E  M  B  E  R  S


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