A meeting with an expert or professional. In order to obtain advice.

We offer a free 15 min consultation on all projects. In order to make sure you are using the best products and procedures for the project.

Consult - Helping make important decisions in determining budget, timeline, terms & conditions and direction of project. Free 15 min - if more time for project consultation is needed we can schedule one hour blocks for $75

In our free 15 min consultation we will collect and discuss 4 Key factors in every project.

Those are Terms & Conditions, Budget, Timeline & Expectations.

Terms & Conditions - The terms & conditions of every project is almost always different. Some of the variables often involved in determining terms & conditions of project include things such as how many people will be involved?, are there any specialty conditions that have to met, does the project need broken down into smaller projects that come together as one big project. We find this is the case more often than not.

Budget - The amount of assets and resources available to accomplish the project

Time Line - The amount of time available for completion of the project. This is often referred to as the deadline.

Expectations - Lastly but definitely not least pre and post project expectations are discussed to help determine if moving forward into an in-depth discovery phase is needed for further research and development of project parameters, or if the project is ready to streamline itself into our strategy phase where we layout design ideas guidelines and general instructions for the assets and elements planned for use in execution of strategy in the next phase which is the design phase. Before we get ahead of ourselves let’s back up to the Discovery phase.

Discovery - In the Discovery phase we will use notes and information collected in the initial free consultation to perform the research necessary to provide project, brand, identity or design solutions that fit inside the scope, budget, timeline and expectations determined. Some of the ways we do this is by doing research into the industry the project, brand, identity, design is related to or involved in from the lower ranks to the upper echelons to try to determine where you already reside in your current industry and at what level you want to reside with in your given industry after project completion. We will also discuss the key issues within the project, brand, identity or design. This can include things like narrowing down a color pallet. Deciding on personality character or voice of project, brand, identity or design. Asking and answering questions like who is your core audience? How to best target them.Are there any pain points or obstacles that we need to plan on overcoming? Deciding on what assets and elements can be introduced to further constitute a cohesive direction for the project, brand, identity, or design. This process can be as shallow or as deep as required for the project and therefore is why we cannot place static pricing on these services. We can however stress the importance and benefits provided from taking the journey of discovery from King's GraphiX with your project, brand, identity or design.

With a proper discovery underfoot the next phase we would move to would be strategy. I know I know when do we make your logo? Don't worry its coming and it’s going to be exactly what you want and need.

Discovery -

Who can benefit from our consultation services? - Anybody from small organizations to big corporations can benefit from our in-depth and developed techniques that help to insure success in any project, brand, identity, design ,rebranding or redesign. The methods we use to formulate and devise the perfect direction or plan of action to execute across all media platforms print digital and otherwise.


 We developed this process through years of dealing with all the key issues and pain points that go into almost every project. Narrowing down and focusing on what matters most. Success of execution of project.


 And we feel by utilizing our Journey of Discovery you will be well prepared for deciding on the parameters of strategy and implementing a plan for action. Flowing into the Design phase that by this point should be more like constructing with building blocks or finishing a puzzle that already has the border done, and less like the whirlwind of samples drafts and revisions that ultimately lead to loss of identity or voice and become completely unidentifiable or unrecognizable to the project, brand, identity or design you are trying to create.

 What will I get from a Discovery? - Generally after a discovery is done something called a style sheet will be created that will serve as a reference for all the key components going into the strategy phase.


The depth and price of style sheet is determined again by the terms & conditions of project. The Style sheet will help to keep the strategy phase in progressive motion along with providing the subtle reminders of what the targets and goals of the project are.


 Strategy - During strategy phase a project guide, style guide, or brand guide will be created. It will lay out the guidelines rules and instructions for use of all of the project, brand, identity, design elements and assets. Again this can be basic or very in-depth.

We have decided on colors, voice, assets, elements and now it is time to decide how best to use them. In the strategy phase we will determine how and when to use what colors, the sizes parameters and guidelines for the assets and elements with in the project, brand, or identity being created or re-created. With all the careful attention we have given to every aspect of the project, brand, identity or design being created we and almost anyone should be able to effortlessly display your project, brand, identity or design as a cohesive unit that is undeniable and uniquely recognized as coming from your project, brand, identity, or design no matter what media or platform is chosen. Completely taking the headache and frustration out of trying to develop each project separately or with out cohesion or constitution in design.

You guessed the next step is the design phase!


 On the Low end you will get a one color logo or word mark in most usable formats and a basic guide with sizing and placement parameters.


 On the High end you will get

-Color pallet



-One color & full color versions of logo word mark or both in all usable file formats (this includes typography & iconography)

-Tag line or lines ( this includes typography )

-Messaging (this would include typography )

-Files for promotional printing such as business cards, flyers, mailers, rack cards, posters, banners, signs,shirts,hats,etc)

-Digital files for web advertising and social media and social media branding

-An in depth guide explaining all the guidelines to properly use and display the voice or the project,brand, identity, or design.



 If you are interested in retaining ownership of design files for printing and production outside of our products and services or you are interested in trademarking or registering your logo, wordmark, tagline, brand, identity or design we can most assuredly assist you in those processes as well.


 Retaining ownership or rights of use to your files is necessary for printing and production outside of

King’s GraphiX.


 If obtaining products and services from King’s GraphiX no rights of use for design files is necessary. Meaning we will retain all rights of use to all files and designs created.

- Consultation

- Discovery

- Style Sheets

- Strategies

- Typography

- Iconography

- Messaging

- Copy

- Logos

- Word marks

- Taglines

- Color Pallets

- Voice

- Direction

- Character

- Personality

- Vision




Consulting can be as important as the project its self. Tracking down the right resources, Finding the right direction for the project, making critical decisions, asking the important questions. Which demographic best suits our target audience? How do we make best use of our budget. Is it even possible to get the project completed in the time allowed? These are all things we can help you with and it all starts with a FREE 15 min consultation about your project. Give us a call today to get started.


  We are here to help you achieve maximum potential from your project. Find the solutions to your problems and teach you our techniques and strategies on how we approach problems with a " There are no problems only solutions with variables." philosophy to the mechanics of our problem solving matrix. Give us a call or fill out and submit one of our helpful forms to add us to your team. 


 Stuck in a rut? All you need is a little helpful advise. We can help you evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising. By showing you how we integrate all forms of visual media to incorporate an all encompassing cohesion across all platforms. Give us a call today and see what a difference adding our consulting services to your project can make.



 Let us personally handle every aspect of your project form start to finish we will choreograph a customized project based on your parameters with only your satisfaction and success of your project in mind the entire time. Give us a call and we can start constructing the perfect plan for your project ensuring professional time and resource management. 

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