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          F R E E   1 5 M I N.   C O N S U L T A T I O N

Consult - Helping make important decisions in determining a budget, timeline, terms & conditions and direction of the project. Free 15 min - if more time for project consultation is needed we can schedule one-hour blocks.

 In our free 15 min consultation, we will collect and discuss 4 Key factors in every project.

Those are scope( terms & conditions, budget), timeline & expectations.

1. The scope of every project is almost always different. Some of the variables often involved in determining the scope of the project include things such as how many people will be involved? are there any special conditions that have to meet, does the project need to be broken down into smaller projects that come together as one big project. We find this is the case more often than not.

2. Of course, budget is a primary factor for judging the parameters of the scope of the project. In a nutshell, it will determine if scope can be met.

3. Timeline is also essential to any project planning big or small no matter how minuscule or monumental if a deadline is not met the impact is felt across the entire project and almost every aspect has to be cut, altered, edited or reduced.

4. Lastly but definitely not least pre and post-project expectations are discussed to help determine if moving forward into an in-depth discovery phase is needed for further research and development of project parameters, or if the project is ready to streamline itself into our strategy phase where we layout design ideas guidelines and general instructions for the assets and elements planned for use in the execution of strategy in the next phase which is the design phase. but before we get ahead of ourselves let’s back up to the Discovery phase.